Innovation, Trust, and Teamwork are the values Bill will bring to Colorado’s government.

Bill has the right tools to build winning teams.


Getting results.

Innovation is how Bill finds creative solutions when otherwise facing deadlock. Understanding people’s needs and how best to meet them, he forms unique agreements that would elude most leaders. It gives him the power to reach consensus with partners of different opinions.


Bill’s philosophy.

Trust is the bond that holds Bill’s teams together. Working in concert, he knows any team that can’t depend on each other will crumble. By fostering and demonstrating trustworthiness, he brings out the best in his teammates. And he can be counted on to keep his promises too, even when inexpedient.


Everyone helps.

Teamwork, Honesty, and Respect are foundational to Bill’s approach to business and, when applied to government, will serve to coalesce a team spirit and reap better legislative results. Bill has an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything he undertakes. While the old way may still be the best way, a Teamwork culture demands a consistent search for better and broader solutions to Colorado’s issues and challenges. We should take pride in the creation of solutions that result in “setting the bar higher” for our beautiful State … and while individual creativity is always encouraged and welcomed, a team effort approach often produces the best results…. It is the implementation of a Teamwork approach that will “make all the difference.”


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